Brick Pavers

Lots of traffic calming projects make extensive use of paver blocks.

Here’s a really interesting method of installing large quantities of paver blocks:

Instant Brick Paved Road

How good is this machine ?.

No end to man’s ingenuity.

Brick Road Making
Tiger-Stone is a Dutch paver laying machine that can produce brick roads.

Paving bricks are dropped by front-end-loader onto the angled trough.

Men help to spread them in the trough as they drop into the forming jig.

As the electrically operated crawler moves forward along a pre laid sand base layer, all the stones are packed, gravity held together & descend the sloping ramp on to the road.






Isn’t that amazing ?








6 Responses to “Brick Pavers”

  1. Richard Lamoureux Says:

    Do you have any contact information on distributors of this technology? If so, would you be kind enough to forward to writer and thank you in advance.

  2. Brian Smith Says:

    Wow this is new for me, it’s amazing

  3. million visitors free Says:

    million visitors free…

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  4. Krenap Says:

    It is really nice! Some manufacturers provide brick paving machines suitable for narrowed and bent pathways.

  5. john smith Says:

    This is best pictography shared on this blog relavent to Brick payers. Paves Miami

  6. Brick Pavers Miami Says:

    Amazing post..

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