More than One Way to Crack a Nut?

On a recent trip I had the opportunity to see different approaches to similar traffic calming needs – slowing traffic on a straight road at an intersection. In the first case the road was a wide residential road and a chicane was selected. Installing the chicane across an intersecting street added an interesting element. Here’s a couple of photos:



The installation looks inexpensive but is far from aesthetic. It is a might cause confusion particularly when entering from the side street. One wonders whether residents are subjected to tire squealing as drivers attempt to negotiate the chicane at the highest speeds possible.

A more elegant and aesthetic, but much higher cost solution, is the raised intersection shown in the following photos. This well thought out traffic calming solution enhances the commercial area in which it is located and is a streetscape feature in its own right with ‘street pave’ patterns being added to the road surface.




Both these examples are in Australia [hence drivers are on the wrong side of the road!]

What do others think of these traffic calming designs?

Peter Partington
May 2013


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