Cyclists to Soar above in London?

As a young engineer in London I well remember a number of proposals to elevate busy roads above ground level. Many of these proposals stopped because they would be out of scale and character with the street grid and subsequently congestion increased at least until petrol taxes and congestion pricing brought demand more in line with supply. Because of the cost of driving and public transit, bicycle usage has greatly increased in London but at the price of danger, death and injury to cyclists. Possibly because of this, there is now a proposal to build a system of elevated bicycle paths throughout London.!rNmHF

I find it ironic that having kept motor traffic at ground level, planners are now forced to grade separate cyclists from the street grid for which the bicycle is ideally suited. In many places in London I’m sure pedestrians would also prefer to be elevated above the adjacent and dangerous traffic! Time will tell if the elevated bicycle paths come to fruition.

Peter Partington
January 2014


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